Best Friends Day

July 11, 2007

Oh yeah, before you even read this post!! – Scope out the  ‘New Arrivals’ page.  Many more items on the way.  Ok, on to some great news….

Start planning for this now!!   Best Friends Day is a six year long Richmond tradition of bringing together friends from all over the country (and world) for a 4-day weekend of bands, events,  and more.  Best Friend Day 2007 is August 16-19th!!

I was amazed to find out we’re, Environmental Youth Crunch, kickin off the big Saturday show.  I’ve never seen Dropdead before, but they are one of my favorite bands. First time seeing them, and I get to play with them. Stoked!

Here is the schedule.

Thursday August 16th: Skateland
5500 Hull St.
7 PM
Snack Truck
Iron Lung
I Object
Best Fwends
The Death Set

Friday August 17th : Scavanger Hunt 1 PM begin at Chop Suey Books
1317 W. Cary St.
Ends at Alley Katz at 6 PM
Alley Katz by night: 7 PM
Ultra Dolphins
This Bike is a Pipe Bomb
The Catalyst

Saturday August 18th:
HADAD’S LAKE!!!!! 12 PM- 7 PM
Hungry Marching Band

8 PM
Drop Dead
Pink Razors
Witch Hunt
Dynamite Arrows
Environmental Youth Crunch

Sunday August 19th
Myspace for the Bike Lot here.
Wasted Time
and featuring Richmond Lucha Libre

Go to the myspace page for more information here.



  1. jackieandIwillbethere!

  2. Sweet! Can’t wait to see you both!

  3. I’m so excited to see you and to get dirty and sweaty and away from this city!

  4. Is there an actual flyer for the incubate show someone can email to me or send a link?
    Thanks. Ben/DD

  5. Ben, I haven’t seen any flyers for the show yet.. Actually, I haven’t seen any show flyers for individual best friends day shows.

    See ya in 2 weeks tho!

  6. […] to our previous post here to get the info on what Best Friends Day […]

  7. […] to our previous post here to get the info on what Best Friends Day […]

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