Photo Roundup

June 11, 2007

In order of events..

Environmental Youth Crunch and Alligator 4 day weekend 07 tour pics are at flickr page.

Joey of Urban Jacksonville posted up some rad pics of the 12×12 art show last artwalk. here.

Saturday June 9th brought some party times when Soulman and Breeze, The Yusge and (almost) Roargan played on Ernest St.  Deland (before time) was in full effect, broken fingers and all. Pictures from this show are at the flickr page.

And yesterday, June 10th, Joel Land celebrated his gabazillionth birthday.  Tuffy and Chase Capo played and Joel told jokes. Pictures are at the flickr page.

The flickr account I’ve been using is beyond full.  I’ll be putting up European tour pics in a separate flickr.  Until then, here’s a flyer for one of shows across the pond.


One comment

  1. I’m sweating just looking at those concert photos.

    You dudes need to get some girls out to your shows.

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