Summertime Tours, Inertia

June 2, 2007

Summertime tours are upon us. I’m not even going to start listing all the tours coming through – all the great band coming to the States – and all the band going abroad. I recently updated the tours page for the bands I’ve worked with via Dead Tank and love.  Bands hitting the road pretty heavy here include Environmental Youth Crunch, Fiya, Merkit, I Object and Gomek. 

Matt Welch, who books the shows at the Transitions Gallery at The Skatepark of Tampa (in Tampa!) does a nifty little column called “Tips for Bands” in a very great local / independent and FREE magazine from Tampa called Reax. Read it here. We actually got copies of the magazine in the store, to give out for free. Nice!

Touring is one of the most important things you do in a band. Right? You share the music you make with other communities and get to see how other music scenes are different.  I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want you to take being in a band seriously, since being serious about it means you get to tour, and that means fun.

That being said, here’s why this past month, and the one upcoming, you won’t be seeing much new stuff in the store at all.  Of those four bands I mentioned touring, two of them (EYC and Gomek) have records coming out on our in-house label, Dead Tank.   Due to some not-so-fun personal financial issues, money normally alloted for buying new items for the store had to be used to release these records before tour.  And there’s the obvious reason that, since I do all the buying for the store, that while I am away in Europe with EYC – I won’t be buying anything.

When I get back though, I should be full of inspiration form all sorts of different music scenes.  And frankly, the store is going to kick so much ass.

For example – I was searching out information on the Environmental Youth Crunch tour and found this message board post about a fest we’re playing called Thrashfest. Seein Red, Phoenix Bodies, Clorox Girls, Down to Nothing, Framtid (Japan), Morser, A.N.S, Ed Gein, Brutal Truth, Vae Victis – too many to mention. They have these ridiculously awesome shirts listing every band. And the bands may not even be the most important part. They have football teams listed for a competition during the day. And workshops by Anarchistische Groep Amsterdam (AGA), Anarchist Black Cross Amsterdam (ABC),
Luke Blackburn –> situatie in Cuba, Le Sabot –> veganistisch koken, and a few organizations I can’t figure out due to the language barrier. They are showing films like “The Weather Underground”, “The Yes-Men” and “American Hardcore” and over the three day festival they will have camping available. AND they have “KaKaKaraoke”, which is essentially punk rock karaoke. Wow. The homepage for this fest is here. The opening page has a neat map where you click on the countries and it brings up the bands playing from that country and links to band pages.


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