Followups on Bizarre Market and other tidbits…

June 2, 2007

Bizarre market was a total success and super-fun. Lots of people were asking when it was happening again – someone even asked “is this happening every Saturday?” I wish I had that kind of time! It will be a quarterly thing, so start saving your voltrons, sharks in bottles and records you wish to reliquish to the masses.  Thank to everyone who came out to sell stuff and everyone who came to just hang and look at stuff. 

Ryan Sweeney wins the “holy shit tons of free/donation records in the back on a pickup truck” prize,  Joey and Mackenzie Marchy win the “I’m still finding LED throwies stuck to anything metal” prize.  Flo raised some money for her cat bills with her psychedelic frosting cookies. All Laura’s kittens were given away.  The new faces both of vendors and people coming to see what’s up was great.  That’s seriously the best part – new people.  Joey from Urbanjacksonville.info posted some Bizarre Market pics here.

The tidbits part…

12×12.jpgJune 6th Artwalk is having an artshow featuring record cover artwork called “12×12”.  It’s at the Thief in the Knight building at 115 W. Adams.  Inertia Records is sponsoring it, which really only means Chaz said we can have a table there, and we get put on this sweet flyer.  I have no idea what I’m bringing to it.  Records come to mind… I’m actually really excited about this event and very glad it’s happening.  Reminds me of the Skate Deck art show that we had at The Pit, and then got moved to TSI. 

Oh yeah so… TSI.  That’s a weird bird. Brendan Clark was interviewed by Urbanjacksonville’s contributor Adrienne here.  He’s the guy who sets up the shows at TSI.  He’s nice, we lived together briefly – and he was almost my new roomate where I live now.  So, nothing personal here.  I have to admit, I’m not really into TSI though.  I went to the Mono/Grails show and got to watch bands with 20 people while everyone else was outside drinking.  And the internet being the great scene equalizer/informer/sheepherding tool it is, I’m sure the Dean Deacon show was packed.  Many thanks to Pitchfork combined with the recent mall sale on white belts / black hair dye and peoples desire to be seen.  I could see how “Hey that could happen y’know? These kids just show up” factor is a possibility, but catering/pandering/profiting off this crowd is a mixture of just ridiculous and ‘someone has to do it’ I guess.  I must admit, more choices of things to do in Jacksonville is appreciated.  

I saw The Show is The Rainbow at Miami’s 305 Fest in 2003/2004 (?) – Dean Deacon minus the hype. And a great human being.

I went to see Mice Parade at Jackrabbits last night – and although I’m no fan of Jack Rabbits, it was very refreshing to be a in a place with a clean slate – a place with no preconcieved notions about who occupys the space and why.  I think it’s a great that a place has been around that long and still defys being pigeon-holed as one thing, or intentionally pigeon-holing itself as a means for marketing.  Also, Mice Parade is a great band.


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