Animal fat skids the left and right a bit closer?

May 21, 2007

bio.jpgAnimal fat could very well be the spark to ignite biofuel into a monetarily sustainable, ie – interestingly enriching for $ome, endeavor.   So you vegetarians and vegans can start figuring out where you’d like to fall in this madness.

“Today, only a tiny fraction of U.S. biodiesel is made from chicken fat, but that seems likely to change. The rising cost of soybean oil – which accounts for roughly 90 percent of all biodiesel fuel stock – is pushing the industry to exploit cheap and plentiful animal fats.”

Keywords – exploit, cheap, industry, plentiful. Read all about it here.

This certainly reverberates with Alexis Zeigler’s article that in-part discusses our history of essentially using what easiest to get, not what’s smartest to use. As well as his query as to why both the politically right and left are embracing biodiesel.

This blog certainly posts a lot of good info and biofuels.

And here is an interesting page on what corn is used for in this country.


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