Events Near and Far, Jacksonville, Texas, Tallahasee

May 17, 2007

So know everyone knows what’s up with the Jacksonville Film Fest, and to a lesser extent Chaos Fair, which are both going on here in Jacksonville.  And I know it’s late to expect anyone to drop everything and go to this, but this weekend is also Chaos in Tejas, in Austin Texas.   chaos07.jpg
You can get a small (very small) taste of this this Wednesday, May 23rd, when American Cheeseburger plays at Shanty Town with Civilization and The Yusge.  I’m particulary bummed about missing Gordon Solie Motherfuckers, Pisschrist, Minderaser, Eye Hate God, and Born Dead Icons.

girlsjpg.jpgThat being said, here’s an out of  town event you shouldn’t miss – and one I’ve giving you a heads up on. It’s the 2007 Southern Girls Convention.

The Southern Girls Convention is an annual grassroots meeting for networking, organizing, educating, agitating, and activism, devoted to empowering women, girls, and transfolks in the South, and to furthering the struggle for social justice. Each year’s convention is hosted by a different Southern community and facilitated by local organizers. Past conventions have brought together hundreds of folks in Memphis, Tennessee; Louisville, Kentucky; Auburn, Alabama; Athens, Georgia; Asheville, North Carolina; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; and Houston, Texas.

This year, Southern Girls Convention invites activists from across the country to meet in Tallahassee, Florida the weekend of June 15-17, 2007.  Hundreds of activists will meet for discussion, action, and entertainment devoted to building a feminist community in the South. poped.jpg

Past workshops titles include – Radical Cooperative Parenting, How to Organize an Abortion Fund in Your Community, Gun Safety and Self Defense, Getting Phat: Truth and Beauty, Radical Southern and all Fired Up: Where Do We Go From Here?, Gener Bias in Our Schools, Ending Sexual Assault, Maginalization and Tokenization Within the Grrl Movement, and more…  

This years convention will also feature a Southern Girls Arts and Crafts Fair.

For more information visit:


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  1. I’m a guy from the north… regardless, you have a lot of information about activism here. Keep up the good work. You might like the Activism Forums.

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