A Taste of Four Day Weekend – EYC / Alligator Tour

May 14, 2007

Here’s some random Four Day Weekend tour highlights.  More to come with words from all 13 people we brought with us.  My camera broke halfway through tour.  And a few people let me know that 2 megapixels is old technology.  

youguyscantdothis.jpgPolice at New College say no drinking on campus. Bathroom party.

p5050377.jpg We got these great shorts for $1.

p5050380.jpg Wait, here’s a better picture of those shorts.

p5060399.jpg Costume contest at the Firefly in Miami. A little girl was a mermaid and won.

p5050311.jpg Champagne for Johnny Z every night.

eycrage.jpg Sarasota 3-way band battle. Ridiculously awesome. Three bands all set up at once rotating songs. Tallahasse representin’ hard.  Confetti.

p5050351.jpg The lending library at The Firelfy in Miami.

p5060441.jpg Gomek at The Firefly. This place is a huge house in downtown Miami a bunch of great people rent out.  A building with no roof is outside (we called it the Funder-dome) and that’s where the show was at.

p5060438.jpgMore Gomek at The Firefly.

p5060388.jpg Inner funder-dome.
More later.


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