The Weekend Starts Early

May 9, 2007

The weekend starts early for me. I’ll be on a short tour with the band Environmental Youth Crunch that I play drums for (tour dates on posted on the Deadtank site). So don’t expect any posts for a few days.  I saw these two show’s flyers and felt like I had to post about them.

Our second show is in Miami at The Fire Fly. I’ve been amped to check this place out for quite some time. A few friends of mine started it up but I haven’t been able to go. They have a lending library and scads of other rad things going on. Check out the website. I’ll be interviewing them for this blog at some point.  Scope this out though – A costume contest! you have to dress like a “water dweller.”

The Firefly

Our third show, third of four (FOUR DAY WEEKEND!) – is in Deland. This show features, among the obvious bands, a “Chug-of-War.” I have no idea what that is, but I’m thoroughly planning on trying my best to win – followed by an interesting set with EYC I’m sure. Also note “Mustache Required” and “Please, No Computers”.



Also, a while back I posted about the corn field on the corner of Park and Forest. Well I met the farmer, Brett, and his son, Chris, yesterday. He uses the nearby building as a art studio. And that old florist shop? His wife is planning on opening a mexican restauraunt in that space.  He talked about bands playing, and movie projections on the side of his studio.  When I get back into town, I’ll be talking with him alot more and letting you know all about it.  



  1. CHUG-O-WAR!!!
    dude, rasquatch would dominate that event.

  2. rasquatch is allowed to participate, i actually anticipate it
    also its day 4 of a 4 day weekend isn’t it?

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