New Elliott Smith, New Municipal Waste

May 7, 2007

Elliot Smith A collection of rarities by the late Elliott Smith will soon be released by Kill Rock Stars. New Moon will feature 24 tracks and will be released on double vinyl. Sweet Adeline, originally a fan site that has now more or less become the official Elliott Smith web site, reports the set will also be available on 2 CDs. We’ll be getting the new release at Inertia this week.

Among the 24 tracks is an early version of Smith’s Oscar-nominated song, “Miss Misery” and an alternate version of “Pretty Mark K,” from Figure 8.

New Moon is the second posthumous release of Smith material. From a Basement on the Hill was comprised of songs recorded for what was intended to be a double album. Longtime Smith collaborators Joanna Bolme and Rob Schnapf oversaw the finishing of the album, and it was not without controversy. Smith worked with numerous producers during the Basement sessions and there are differing accounts of how he would have released the album had he lived to see its completion. Songs such as “Abused” and “Suicide Machines” were omitted and there are disagreements about which mixes of songs were intended for release.

Interesting, according to this report, songs omitted from Basement will not be surfacing on New Moon. The tracks on New Moon were originally recorded between 1995-1997, roughly covering the Either/Or, Good Will Hunting, XO period of Smith’s career. Some of these tracks were recorded and mixed by Schnapf, while final mixes were completed by Larry Crane, hired by the Smith estate.

Many critics and fans point to this period as the pinnacle of Smith’s career. Either/Or probably best bridges his earlier, rawer D.I.Y. work with the more baroque and ambitious compositions he recorded later. Smith recorded five albums prior to his 2003 death.

Here is a great site called Elliott Smith B-sides that has alot of rare material for download.

Party!!Municipal Waste has a new album as well, with cover art (and music, I’m sure) that destroys Elliot Smith’s.  You can listen to tracks off the new record here. Just enough to hold you over until we get this item on the shelves. And here is a link to a bigger graphic of the cover.  Certainly coming a long way from when I first saw them playing a living room on Forbes St. in Riverside.


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