Being Broke. Mailorder. Good times.

May 6, 2007

Click on that “new items” link in the upper right hand corner…  like now.

On being broke.

In the past month we’ve added nearly 500 items to the store.  Lots of new releases from Ted Leo, Nick Cave, Pavement represses, Banksy, El-P, The Fucking Champs, Black Cobra, Bleubird, Holly Golighty, The Draft, The Stooges, Sonic Youth, Assemble Head inSunburst Sound, Melt Banana, Minsk, Arcade Fire, Hour of the Wolf, Bill Callahan of Smog, Alias, Christ on Parade, XBXRX, Elliot Smith and more. As well as a wide variety of back catalog items and represses.  Sometimes our desire to have as wide a selection as possible interferes harshly with the fact that it doesn’t take much to make us broke.  We’re generally walking a very fine line when it comes to having money to buy new releases.  

Are we complaining? HECK NO!  I appreciate being able to help with a record store. I think it’s a great way to let people know about new music and books.  And I don’t think most ‘businesses’ would let everyone know things haven’t been so hot.  I honestly don’t see this as a regular business, as much as I do a service to the community.  The markup on our records/books pay for rent, taxes, shipping, employees, and that fine line of money to buy new records/books.  I won’t be buying a yacht or anything.

Ok,  just yackin about how I hope you appreciate this space as much as we do.  

On mailorder.

Mailorder!The ever-industrious James Siboni is planning on overseeing the newly introduced mailorder aspect of the store. This probably won’t be until July – after he gets back from touring Europe with Casey Jones,  and after I back from touring Europe with Environmental Youth Crunch. We thought about starting it sooner, but then we’d have to close it down while we are on tour. No good.
This should please people who travel pretty far to get to the store, people who were kind of bummed Dead Tank (our current in-house label that used to be an online distributor) stopped doing mailorder, and people who like buying Defiance Ohio and Dr. Dre records at the same time.

The first thing we thought about is how mailorder would effect you loving locals.  New catalog additions, including new releases, will not be available for mailorder for at least a week.  And we still have a hold box.  Putting things on hold for yourself for up to two weeks is a good way to save that choice LP for you, instead of a kid in Kansas who isn’t lucky enough to have a store as rad as us around.  We are still totally Jacksonville-centric! 
More information on mailorder as we get it all up and running.

Good Times

Bizarre Market, Freeschool, Shows, Online Interviews, Killer Records, Killer Books. Summer is coming. Get stoked.



  1. Defiance Ohio and Dr. Dre are two of my favs.

  2. Glad to hear you’re getting ready to do mailorder again!

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