Biodome show! Brooklyn Development

April 30, 2007

Bio dome Foamdome!
Saturday’s show in St. Augustine at The Biodome was amazingly rad.  I haven’t played 500 in forever (you know, that game with the football) and I still can’t catch well. 

The first band, Secretary of the Future, was really good. It was the Secretary’s first show. Then Alligator played (they played here at Shanty Town once I know – with Tigershark).  Followed by Lily, aka Inertia, and Environmental Youth Crunch.  It was a benefit show for St. Augustine’s Collective Press, a great non-profit publication. The show raised over $100. Oh, and it was at a house and a total blast.  Look at our flickr page for some more pictures.

Totally unrelated (or not?) … I saw this biking home from work yesterday.  Corn!Corn!

I seen lots of drawings and proposals about development in the Brooklyn area (that’s the area of town by The Pit), but I didn’t know how promising it would be until now. 

Corn Corn!


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