Step It Up 2007 and Alexis Zeigler..

April 16, 2007

I really didn’t know what to expect from Saturday’s events. And apparently neither did any local press.  I was certainly waiting for something in the paper about it. Sunday…  Monday… I was right there in periodicals with the newest incantatons of Carl Greaves at the Library, rifling through the papers.  Nothing.

While The New York Times mention Jacksonville’s events of boats being lifted into the air at Alltel Stadium, as an example of sea-level change, our own papers mention nothing.  No mention of alternative energy except for the annoying guy who owns Moe’s.  You know, where “welcome to Moe’s!” rings pathetically from the lungs of the underpaid.  He wrote a book about improving your personal energy.  I saw him speak at a conference once.  And I’ve never seen as many people getting up to go… do… anything… else… (‘bathroom’, ‘smoke’, ‘jump off cliff’ etc) …. all at once. 

Anyway, no such mass exodus took place at yesterdays 2pm forum.  Eyes and ears where glued. Long lines of people with questions were formed.  It was great, save the fact that no press was present.  I think a large part of why it was received well (and interacted with) by the group of about 150 people, was that it’s a pressing issue and the forum went smoothly with good speakers and free food. (Owen Holmes from Folio took this picture.)

The powerpoint presentations were at times a bit much, or – when I couldn’t read the small type – a bit not enough. And you could tell some of the speakers were scientists first and speakers second (or third… or eleventh). But that’s how I think we’d all like it.  Straight from the horses mouth so-to-speak, no fancy PR smoothtalkers.  The only smoothtalker, whom later at Inertia was not so smooth, was some guy trying to sell solar panels. Getting free gaillardi plants and energy saving lightbulbs totally made up for this though.  

The show in the park left something to be desired.  Maybe it was that everyone was just tired from the forum, or that all the bands were only partially confirmed.  I don’t know.  It was fun to hang out, but pretty meager and blah as far as shows go.  It started to rain a bit, and I went over to the store.  

Alexis Zeigler was awesome.  An earlier post mentions him and has link to his projects. His presentation was great and he handled the drunk solar panel salesman well.  I almost drove to St. Augustine on Sunday to see him speak again, then I realized how stupid that was (Zeigler relys soley on public transportation for his book tour discussions.).  The first chapter of his new book “Culture Change” is really good. That’s as far as I’ve got so far, I really want to finish “The Omnivore’s Dilemma”(Pollan), and “American Fascists” (Hedges) first – highly recommended!

Later that night I biked to Shanty Town to see The Dumps.  Great hesher rock band from Athens, GA with ex-members of Exit 86. Bad band name.



  1. That guy (the salesman) totally sucked!

    Good coverage, Josh.

  2. I second the opinion that scientists aren’t the most fun to listen to. Man, after all that talking I myself was pretty fried, and ostensibly I’m the most interested in it. But I’ve never put together such a thing before. Next time it’ll be better.

    And the show…we were too overextended to plan and promote that properly. Again, next time.

    Biggest shame: I was in post-event recovery mode instead of at Inertia to hear Alex. Max told me I missed a great talk, AND he lived at Twin Oaks, apparently, which is really rad.

    Oh, as for the press…Steve Patterson from the T-U was there. I’m not sure if he’ll write anything about it or not, but we’ll see. Also, Jon Bosworth is covering it in EU’s Green issue this week, which is nice. You should send him photos, Owen. Mine are crappy.

  3. “You know, where “welcome to Moe’s!” rings pathetically from the lungs of the underpaid. ”

    we can’t all be librarians.

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