Patrick Hughes and Jon Resh.

April 12, 2007

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Patrick Hughes and Jon Resh will be at the downtown Jacksonville library next Sunday, April 22nd in a double shot of programming majesty.

Patrick Hughes has previously written for Thrasher, Jazziz and a number of other magazines. Pat will be plugging his soon-to-be released book, “Diary of Indignities.” The book is a collection of his blog writing, entitled Badnewshughes.

diary.jpgLibrary programmer Scott Adams says, “I don’t know what tales he will recreate, but if he tells the one about the bus that kidnapped kids and took ’em to church where he got kicked out for having a retarded kid kiss him, that’s worth coming downtown on a Sunday for, right there.”

After Pat’s talk, Jon will talk about his graphic design work, and will probably be all inspirational and stuff. Jon Resh who designed the book was a founding member of the Gainesville band Spoke, which was detailed in his book Amped. Since then, he’s started his own design company, called Undaunted, and has designed books for Krist Noveselic, Joe Meno, as well as several other books including the No Gods No Masters Anthology on AK Press. And a ton of band flyers and CD covers.

So come downtown to the air conditioning and hear some funny stories from some awesome people.


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