Jaxcore Skate Shop Sale! Skate the state!

April 12, 2007

The ultra kind and trashin dudes at Jaxcore Skate Shop are having a killer sale this weekend!

Here’s all the info!

“We will be having a sale starting Friday @ 4:30 and ending Saturday at closing. We also just got in some new kicks. Our shoe line is slowly developing. We are now carrying Osiris, Vox, Dekline and Duffs. We are looking to expand to more brands this summer. So tell your friends, tell your mom so we can restock with some more fresh gear. Anyhow, here’s what we have on sale this weekend.

20% off all Osiris shoes
$10 off Dekline shoes (new stock sale)
$5 off all truck sets
$30 off long boards
all skate tees are 15.99 or less
$10 off blank decks ($25)
$5 skate tools
25% off all DVDs
$15 off all jeans
$15 hoodies( winter is over but you cant beat the price)
15% off all caps
$10 off selected decks
Abec 7 bearings for $10
Reds for $15

We are looking to start a team so if you have video drop it off so we can get you hooked up. We have a table top, rail and a couple kickers for your skating pleasure. (not for sale, for ripping)

Jaxcore Skate Shop
1502 Hendricks Ave (by Jack Rabbits)



  1. My new friends!

  2. Aye wats up man my name is June June n i was wondering if u an sponor my skate crew or can u find me some sponors my skate team name is BBK BAY BAY KIDS n we r really good n if u have any answers plz contact me at 1-757-275-3590 i put ur guys skate shop numba in my cell phone so plz plz plz plz plz contact me or help me get a spnors plz

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