Where have we been?

April 3, 2007


So, no posts for a while. Sorry about that. A band I’m in, Civilization, has had a handful of out of town shows. And I sincerely wish I had some photos to attest to this crazyness. Fog machines getting stuck in the “MAX” position in a tiny living room stuffed with 40 some-odd intoxicated St. Augustians (Actually our friend Jana was there, she should be posting pictures soon in her blog. She takes great photos!). Flying couch cushions and early hours neighbor arrests among Orlando’s best people. Between all that, my ‘regular-person’ 45 hour a week job, plus the regular fun store stuff – sitting at a computer to offer up some bloggin just hasn’t happened.

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The Orlando show was with Tigershark and Khann. Tigershark played again at Shanty Town on Sunday (with locals – Hadouken, and from St. Augustine – Alligator). We have Tigershark’s new cassette release on Perpetual Motion Machine Records at the store. Check out the band’s myspace profile to hear them. They have ex/current members of The Assistant, The Setup, Mouthbreather etc. Heavy downtuned Richmond punk/metal for fans of something between The Melvins and His Hero is Gone.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingInertia’s in house label, Dead Tank, has released a new record as well. A split 7″ between Indiana’s Defiance Ohio and Florida’s Environmental Youth Crunch. Trying to find time to get these mailed out for all the preorders / orders we had, plus the distros wanting copies, is seriously putting my time management skills to the test. I’m spending hours a day cutting cardboard into 8inch squares. (ugh!?) If you buy one at the store, that means I have to mail out one less. Plus you’ll love it. This follows DO!’s full length release on No Idea, and is a prequel to EYC’s full length CD/LP, which will be on Dead Tank, Bakery Outlet, and a new Orlando label called Bring Back the Magic.

Our previous Photobucket - Video and Image Hostingrelease is a split 7″ between Portland’s Science of Yabra and Old Growth.
Old Growth has your very own (ex)hometown do-gooder (and ex-Twelve Hour Turner) John Magnifico at the helm of a killer guitar, compliments of a Sovtek head he brings with him everywhere (he says). Lot’s of people got to witness this last night when Old Growth played at The Pit (the one in Riverside, jerk) with Environmental Youth Crunch, Tubers, Hadouken, and Civilization. Shows in a parking lot in Jacksonville’s Brooklyn area will always be the best I think.

P3280320I only rattled off a few pictures, but here’s an interesting one including, well – every member of Twelve Hour Turn who was present that night.

And speaking of good music – a handful of rad orders are on the way to the store as you read this. Check out the ‘New Items’ section right now.

See you soon!


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