More Reasons to Love Jacksonville

March 22, 2007

Growing up in Jacksonville, Troy Lukkarila had a talent for breaking things. Windows, cars, noses, laws, friendships–all were fair game. So he created Lukalips Destruction Co. because he felt there was a demand for a professional breaker.  After two years of going door to door giving free demonstrations of his remarkable breaking abilities, Troy realized that the business was not ever going to make any money. It turns out that most people are quite capable of breaking things themselves and often resented Troy for destroying their possessions during his free demonstrations. Troy reorganized the company, of which he was the sole employee, and turned it into a record label, though he also does claymation, videography, and animations.

debbiestill.jpgEvidently someone gave these phone messages to one of Troy’s (only) friends who gave it to him and he made these two great cartoons:  “Ten Dollars” Part I and “Ten Dollars” Part II.  The second one is the funniest, but it’s also kinda sad because it’s obvious that “trashy ass bitch” Kathy owes poor Debbie’s disabled mom $10. It seems the prison only allows Mike one visit a week.  Troy also has some videos on youtube here.


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