Jacksonville Carbon Neutral Initiative

March 20, 2007

logo2.gifThis Wednesday, March 21st at 6:30pm – the Jacksonville Carbon Neutral Initiative (or JCNI) will be hosting it’s weekly meeting at Inertia.

Folio Weekly’s blog (fittingly often referred to as Flog), has already touched upon the subject here.  Essentially, the group initially started in response to the Mayor’s refusal to sign the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement. And according to FLOG, the only reason the Mayor didn’t sign was because, JEA told him not to.  Read about that here.  Your involvement is preferred! Come to the meeting if you can!

Here’s a little background on JCNI, and a little information on some future events they are planning. From JCNI’s website:

“The Jacksonville Carbon Neutral Initiative seeks to stimulate public awareness and debate about the exciting opportunities and the economic hardships our city faces as we come to terms with global climate change. Specifically, we hope to inspire Jacksonville Mayor John Peyton, the 19 members of the City Council, and the directors of the Jacksonville Electric Authority to push the many low-carbon, green initiatives they’ve already sponsored one step further by endorsing the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement(USMCPA).”

The website offers an online petition, climate change FAQ, contact information for city hall, and it’s ‘press room’ link discusses the groups event for Step It Up 2007. Which will be a free public forum. JCNI will offer you the words and ideas of experts and vendors of green technologies. It will be April 14th, 2pm at the Riverside Presbyterian Church at the corner of Park Street and Post Street in Five Points.

Two exciting additions to the day are solidifying.  The National Wildlife Federation are planning a major press event for the morning of April 14th, at Alltel Stadium, which sits right at sea-level, and is therefore susceptible to any warming-induced changes. They want to wrap caution tape around the building at a reasonable height, to illustrate potential sea-level rise.  JCNI wants to provide them with a fun mob full of surfers and folks in bathing suits, as well as a bicycle and hybrid car procession from the stadium down to Riverside for our event. JCNI is looking into organizing cyclist groups in town, so let them know if you and your friends would like to ride!

Also, a little concert in Riverside Park right outside the church will be happenin that night. So after the panel you can go and enjoy the outdoors and some tunes. Let them know if your band would like to play! I know that, as of now, Environmental Youth Crunch and Tubers have been asked to play.

Once again, you can contact JCNI at their website here.


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  1. Cool, I at last stumbled on a site about this! I was daydreaming about it this morning and now I come across this site. Coincidence alright. keep going on…

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