The Desperate Bicycles

March 16, 2007

“They’d really like to know why you haven’t released your single yet.”

Excerpt from sleevenotes of The Desperate Bicycles’
 “The Medium was The Tedium” 7″


This London based punk/indie band really pushed the envelope of the DIY ethic. Forming in March of 1977, The Desperate Bicycles paved the way for bands like Crass – recording and releasing their own material.  The band themselves were formed as a sort of experiment in the economics of punk’s DIY methodology, seeing how cheaply they could record and release music.  Starting their own label, aptly named Refill Records, the bands meager income from it’s releases were used to simply fund additional releases.  This culminated in a total of six 7″ releases and one full length LP.
dbs1.jpgAn extremely thorough discography with downloadable MP3’s can be found here.  Obviously a great page for the songs, but the back liner notes from “The Medium Was the Tedium” 7″ are posted here as well. Lines like, “It was easy, it was cheap. Go and do it!… So if you can understand, go and join a band! Now it’s your turn…”, are totally killer – exemplifiying an attitude of ‘you can do this too’. The notes also refer to the recording as “slightly stereo.”  

Another good Desperate Bicycles page is here.

And finally, an interview with the band is posted here.



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