April 14th Guest Speaker, Alexis Zeigler

March 15, 2007

cul.jpgOn April 14th, author and activist Alexis Zeigler will be speaking about activism, bartering, peak oil, global warming, and his new book, “Culture Change.” 

In “Culture Change,” Zeigler examines the political outcomes in the U.S. with the coming oil shortage and identifies the intersections between ecological devastation, the decline of civil liberties and political upheavals. Zeigler works extensively to promote green building and alternative energy systems.

Although nearly a month away, here’s some information on the author and links to some of his works and projects.  Hopefully you can bring some interesting points and questions to the discussion.  We will be posting an interview with Mr. Zeigler shortly.

His main site is here.
His barter site is here.
An audio interview with him is here.
Two articles he’s written are here.

While we are daily witness to the powers of progress manifest in the extraordinary mechanical technologies we have developed in the industrial age, we remain woefully unaware of the most basic causes of social change in our society. Our lack of social awareness does not result from the difficulty of understanding social problems, it results from the active repression of such awareness.

The political resistance movements that developed in the twentieth century were adapted to conditions of economic growth. When an economy is growing, petitioning through political and legal means to assure increasing access to rights and wealth for traditionally
disenfranchised groups met with a measure of success, and that success was the foundation for further movement building. Those movements cannot, as they are currently structured, guide us through the coming age.

logocenter5.jpgMany of the problems that we see as having purely political roots are strongly influenced by economic and ecological factors. Social issues that may seem far apart, such as ecological stress and women’s rights for instance, have common roots. In the modern context, much of the political unraveling that we are witnessing can be understood in terms of the limitations of growth of modern industrialism.

The growth of fundamentalism and militarism, the decline of civil liberty and the environment, all of these problems are going to get worse if we do not find a new means to address them. There are real solutions to these problems, but they are going to involve a quantum leap, both in thought and in action, beyond our current methods of political engagement. The solutions themselves are not even terribly difficult, they are simply well outside of our current range of vision and will.



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  2. […] Zeigler was awesome.  An earlier post mentions him and has link to his projects. His presentation was great and he handled the drunk […]

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