Havoc Records / Severed Head of State / Totalitar

March 14, 2007

havoc.gifWe just got another order of stuff in from Havoc Records – Check the ‘New Items’ page!

This Minneapolis based label has been around since 1992,  since it’s debut label release of Destroy’s “Burn This Racist System Down” 7″.  It’s certainly become one of the best US labels for US and Scandinavian punk and hardcore, releasing what have since become fairly classic records, such as – Aus Rotten “Fuck Nazi Sympathy” 7″, D.S. 13 “Killed By The Kids” LP, as well as Riistetyt, Skitsystem, Vitamin X, Tear It Up, Rambo, From Ashes Rise, Caustic Christ and Fucked Up.

sev.gifHavoc is planing on releasing the new Severed Head of State record, called “Power Hazard.” The 12″ features 8 new songs and the CD will contain these tracks as well as the Fucking Butchery and Charge Ahead 7″ tracks as a bonus. Here’s an MP3 preview. Severed Head of State shares members with Tragedy, Warcry, World Burns to Death, J Church and many more. The 7″ cover pictured here is from the “No Love Lost” 7″ released on Ebullition.

And finally – speaking of really good punk rock records coming out – TOTÄLITÄR has a new record out! Totälitär’s “Vi Är Eliten” is the new LP out on Prank Records. Rampaging D-beat hardcore punk, Stockholm’s Totälitär are one of the longest running classic Swedish hardcore bands from the 1980’s, with almost twenty releases since their beginnings in 1985. They are well known for their challenging political lyrics, integrity and continual inventive spins on a brutal and straightforward formula of rock-driven, blasting hardcore. After a series of farewell shows in Sweden and in the U.S. in 2003, Totälitär decided to do one final recording and album- “VI ÄR ELITEN” (We are the Elite) which features 17 tracks. This totnew.jpgis their third full length album, and is one of their finest. The first pressing of the LP comes in a deluxe old-style gatefold jacket. TOTALITÄR have shared split singles with two of the U.S. ‘s best known and loved underground hardcore punk bands, Dropdead and Tragedy, and have released two LP’s and two 45’s on Prank previously. They are a continued critics and cult favorite among hardcore punk circles, as Bruce Roehrs from Maximum Rock n’ Roll put it “If you don’t like Totälitär, you don’t have a punk bone in your body”. Duh, we ordered it and it’s on the way!


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    Happy April Fool’s Day!

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