Floor 7″s.. Garlo “Vent de Guitars”..

March 11, 2007

Torche, Cavity, Dove, The Lisa Killers… The Florida band Floor was the common denominator to all these groups.  The two full lengths on No Idea Records are killer downtuned bomb dropping rock.  Occasionally, Torche will play some Floor covers during there sets – which means everyone goes apeshit.  For fans old and new, here is a collection of tracks culled from Floor’s early 7″s and compilation appearances.  You can download these tracks here.

garlo.jpg Garlo “Vent de Guitares”
This French composer placed 54 guitars on the summit of the highest sand dune in Europe, creating the song of hundreds of strings vibrating only under the wind’s touch, immense sound bands crossed by harmonic waves, and by eddys of frequencies. This is Vent de Guitares, a geo-acoustic creation. The guitars are tuned to certain pitches, or open tuned and they all have contact microphones on them… the wind blows across the soundholes and produces some pretty incredible droning sounds.  You can download the music on sendspace here.


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