Some rad new stuff we got in!

March 6, 2007


We have a few new items that needed a bit more said about them. Check the ‘new items’ link up top for a listing of everything new we have.   

SUNNO))) and BORIS “ALTAR” Collaboration TRIPLE LP

From the Southern Lord website.
“We are now ready to present to you the vinyl edition of the “Altar” album. This very special triple-vinyl version features completely over the top packaging that alot of time, care, effort, love and money went into! The heavy cardboard gatefold jacket has a 14 page color booklet within as well as a special third pocket (on the right hand pocket of the jacket) altar_promo_091.jpgthat contains the bonus 3rd Lp. The booklet features exclusive imagery photos, and liner notes from Kim Thayil, or Soundgarden. Each of the three records come in specifically designed black (even on the inside) innersleeves. The 3rd LP “bonus track”: “Her Lips Were Wet With Venom / (Satanoscillatemymetallicsonatas)” is a 28+ min. epic journey that is a result of both sunn 0))) and boris with Dylan Carslon (EARTH) engaged in a completely improvised, no holds-barred,mind – “altering” drone nirvana. Dark, powerful and ultimately up-lifting!”

Mark George called this album “the most evil beautiful thing ever, dawg!” 

The 3xLP is available at Inertia for only $28, and comes with a free poster while supplies last.  We are selling it for $4 cheaper than if you buy it directly from the label!   We have also recently restocked the CD version.  

arcade.jpgArcade Fire “Neon Bible” CD

From Merge Record’s website.The eagerly anticipated second album from Montreal’s Arcade Fire exceeds all expectations. Neon Bible was written, produced, arranged, and performed by the Arcade Fire and recorded throughout 2006 in Quebec, New York, Budapest,and London with recording and engineering help from Markus Dravs (Bjork, Brian Eno) and Scott Colburn (Animal Collective, Sun City Girls). With string and orchestral arrangements by the band’s own Owen Pallet (also Final Fantasy) and Regine Chassagne, Neon Bible is full of both half-assed punk rock mistakes and meticulously orchestrated woodwinds. Processed strings and mandolin. Quiet rumbles and loud rumbles. But mostly just eleven songs that the band thinks are really good!   

Doris # 23

Cindy Crabb’s zine is simply one of the best personal zines, complete with little scribbly cartoons and a subtle idealogical base worked in for good measure. It is really worth all of the hype and more. This is the L-M-N-O issue of the alphabet series discusses love, the ladies’ group she attends with her grandmother, the process of menstrual extraction (a process developed in 1970 for women to take control of their bodies from home before abortion was legal), stories of living with her grandparents in Arizona, and a frightening trip that brought her and a friend to the California beaches where they got water logged in their tent and had to make an emergency evacuation. The beauty of the zine is how she slips in the simplest sentence in the middle of a story that connects her reading a book as a 16 year old to cultural appropriation or talks about her grandmother using the same inflection as her deceased mother and you can smile with her or shed a single tear because you understand and you can tell that she understands you too.


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