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February 21, 2007

 I first got into the Japanese band Boris through Southern Lord’s releases with them.  And very quickly, I realized that the bands back catalog is off limits to those of us with limited bank accounts.  While the tone of each Boris record changes apparently with the winds, insofar as to include rock, drone, stoner rock, noise, and sludge into the bands stylistic features – a similar aura is created by all the bands releases. 


The Boris Live Archives is a compliation of live material by the band.  The first disc is comprised of various live renditions of older songs and material from Amplifier Worship. The second disc is three drumless drone songs. Lastly, the third disc is a live set consisting of the 65-minute Absolutego and the 70-minute Flood played back-to-back in 37 minutes. This release was sold as a complete set and limited to 600 copies. The set goes for about 100 U.S. dollars on eBay,  and is long out of print.

boris.jpgThe downloadable music is available HERE.
All tracks with recording credits are posted below.

Disc 1: Boris Volume One: “Live 96-98” (46:00)

1. “Huge” – 10:34
2.”In Hush” – 0:52
3. Soul Search You Sleep” – 8:47
4. “Vacuum” – 1:43
5. “Mosquite” – 3:16
6. “Mass Mercury” – 8:05
7. “Scar Box” – 4:14
8. “Hama” – 8:29

Tracks 1-2 recorded 12-21-1996 at Koenji 20000V
Tracks 3-5 recorded 06-21-1996 at Koenji 20000V
Tracks 6-7 recorded 10-04-1997 at Shinjyuku Loft
Track 8 recorded 08-02-1998 at Koenji 20000V

Disc 2: Boris Volume Two: “Drumless Shows” (47:57)
1. “Huge” – 17:24
2. “Mosquite” – 20:10
3. “Vomit Yourself” – 10:23

Track 1 recorded 08-09-1997 at Nagoya Music Farm
Tracks 2-3 recorded 08-08-1997 at Koenji 20000V

Disc 3: Boris Volume Three: “2 Long Songs” (37:28)
“Absolutego” – 15:06
“Flood” – 22:22

Recorded 05-03-2001 at Koenji 20000V


 Now, though perhaps an even more antiquated medium than the 12″/LP vinyl record, Boris released this 7″ is 2005 on the UK’s SuperFi Records.  


Boris’s “A Bao A Qu” is the 7″ single, which quickly went out of print, pictured here.  This version of the song is a completely different take from the version of the song that appeared on The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked. This version is an extended take on the version from Mabuta no Ura. The first side is the intro to the song, drawn out over five minutes. Side B is the later part of the song with vocals and such. This release was limited to 524 copies on SuperFi Records. You can download the audio HERE.


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  1. thanks for the links…my favorite Boris stuff is off Feedbacker and Flood and Amplifier Worship, plus the Sunn O))) and Merzbow collabs. i’ve not heard these live tracks so i’m looking forward to checking them out later. thanks again!

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