Dead Tank Records and Mailorder

June 3, 2008

The store is closed.  We do mailorder and still release stuff as Dead Tank Records.

Visit the site here.





March 24, 2008
Last two days of business….
This Thursday March 27th and Friday March 28th from 6pm-9pm everything in the store is 50% off.  Cash only. We won’t hold items.

To be brief…. 

The store has been great in every incarnation of it’s over two year existence. Many thanks to everyone who helped with anything as small as buying records or books from us, to those people so helpful in sharing space for a storefront. 

The largest factor against it in the last few months is that I don’t have time for it.  I’m hardly an idle person – but the store has been consistently on the backburner between the time taken at my library job and being in three active touring bands.  

Direct any inquires for buying randoms goodies like over 400 CD security cases or a glass display case please email me at deadtank@gmail.com.


Back From Tour

March 19, 2008

Athens, GA - The Hangar

….and I have some pictures up on the flickr page.  Not a whole lot since my camera was acting up, but I’ll be getting some more from a friend shortly.  

Slowly getting back on the horse here since returning…  


February 20 somethings…

February 19, 2008

This week is jammed packed with goodies, and it’s my last weekend in town before tour…

Wednesday @ TSI
Edie Sedgwick share members with Antelope who played the store last year.

Wednesday at Uncle Lou’s in Orlando

Actually alot of this flyer is a lie.
Vitamin X is playing. Religious As Fuck is not playing, our singer Keith can’t get of work, next time you see him step on his foot. And Gomek isn’t even a band anymore. Still Vitamin X are from Holland and they came to the Environmental Youth Crunch show when we played in their town. Worth the drive.

Then on Thursday…

Check out Rejouissance. This will be super fun and chill night.

Then on Friday….

Damn straight.  Actually, Republicorpse isn’t playing this show anymore and 2Legit is.  Which isn’t a big deal,  because Brainstorm is amazing, they have an LP coming on Dead Tank Records soon too.

Finally your Saturday night should consist of this show. 

2/23 @ Doozers Pub – Can Kickers, Devil Runs The Truckstop, Super Aids, Helios Eye.
And then next thing I know I’m outta here with Environmental Youth Crunch.


Feb 28 – ATHENS @ The Hangar w/ Add/c
Mar 1 – LOUIVILLE w/Defiance Ohio
Mar 2 – BLOOMINGTON w/ Defiance Ohio
Mar 3 – COLUMBUS w/ Defiance Ohio
Mar 7 – BOSTON
Mar 8 – PROVIDENCE w/ Tubers,  
Mar 9 – NYC w/ Tubers, Japanther
Mar 10 – BALTIMORE @ Charm City Art Space w/ Tubers
Mar 11 – D.C. @ The Party Pit w/ Tubers and Monument
Mar 12 – RICHMOND w/Tubers, Brainworms, Mouthbreather
Mar 13 – DURHAM w/ Tubers, Des Ark

If you live in any of these towns, come see us.  


Some Downloadables…

February 17, 2008

Japan’s Gauze released a new album is December. It’s called “Binbouyusurino Rhythm Ni Notte” and will be available around May on vinyl format from Prank Records.  Until then check out the download.  10 songs in 13 minutes.

Download the 5th Gauze record here.

Here’s some older Gauze stuff as well, taken from a comp called City Rockers released in 1982.  It was actually the first stuff they ever reorded.   Much more akin to early Discharge than later Gauze stuff.
Download comp tracks from City Rockers here.

fram.jpgNot musically too much, but personally, Gauze remind me alot of Framtid… er, maybe more like Framtid remind me more of Gauze, I dunno. It’s just that Framtid is one of the the only Japanese bands that remind me of Gauze that I’ve seen live. While on tour in Europe, Environmental Youth Crunch played with them at Trash Fest in the Netherlands. This was there first show on that tour, having just gotten off the plane that day.  Didn’t matter, they were great.   

Watch a video clip of Framtid here.
Download “Under The Ashes” here.


Dylan Invalid

February 17, 2008

Dang, once a week for three weeks straight.  This dude’s on a roll of dependability.  Here he is…

Ok, I’m just gonna type this one out all quick like because it just passed three a.m., I’m tired, and I want to watch “The Man With the Screaming Brain.”

Firstly, if you tried to go by Inertia this past Wednesday I’m sorry I couldn’t make it out as I had some shit to take care of.

Second style, if you didn’t go to the RAGER/2LEGIT/TOKYO FACE PUNCH/TALKSICK EARTH show you missed out on some thrash out.

Thirds, a confused old racist tried to fight one of my regulars today over a heated argument regarding the jukebox to TV volume ratio. I tried to make the guy settle down, but the fact that my customers were watching the NAACP Image Awards seemed to make the thing disrespectful to him. “I’m just tryin’ to hear the music in the jukebox and they got the TV over there and blah hyuck blah” I stopped listening and killed the TV volume hoping that would make my new pal happy, but he kept at his speech because he had a point to make. I tune a lot of people out if I simply disagree. It’s like when you’re 15 and drunk and your dad is all yelling at you but in your head all you can hear is Minor Threat.

The regular customer, we’ll call him “Regs” from now on, offers his hand in trying to calm the man down saying something to the affect of “maybe we should all just be quiet and shut up for a little while.” My new favorite racist won’t hear of it and threatens Regs to a fight but it settles down pretty quickly and I resume standing in silent rage and staring at the wall for a tense few minutes. It felt like a million years went by before the jukebox guy ordered another beer, which I denied. He didn’t like this either. As he stormed out he started yelling incoherently saying “Fuck Y’all, Y’all intellectuals are all bullshit” and insulting the heritage of good old Regs. He also called me a “fucking punk” before he stormed out, so I guess we understand each other.

Dudes, I heard people like this are all over the place at other bars in town. Jacksonville Rules!

End notes: Shora is a very brutal band that you should check out.


Sundays – Bike Polo

February 10, 2008

Weekends keep coming with great stuff.   Friday I saw Fruit Machine at TSI.  I dig ’em.  Pony Pants also played and were good.  Saturday ws the big St. Augustine Alley Cat race, which I had a draft of a post to put up about, but I got busy and forgot.  Very big turnout for that.  Afterwards was a show at Cafe 11 – Pony Pants, Soulman and Breeze, Civilization.  I had a super good time.  The rest of February has some crazy good stuff coming up with shows and the like. I’ll post about it soon… until then, enjoy the weather with…

Polo.  ‘Tis the name of the game.  Alex will be opening up shop too and cranking out polo music, so come on by.